hairy gay bear sits in jennifer beals flashdance pose with text about remember the party event with dj rotten robbie

We're thrilled to announce that Michael Smith's beautiful pictures of FlashDance SF 2012 are now up for all to see, click here to take a look. Also you can go here to see DJ Rotten Robbie's fantastic playlist!

Well was that a ton o' fun or what?

We ordered up a night of deliciously funky, jumpy, bouncy, happy, anthemy, souly, new wavey, discoey dreamy 80s tunes. DJ Rotten Robbie zipped up his boots, took us back to his roots and delivered it like never before, along with his inimitable big smile and countless costume changes! LOL!

Dicky and Andy got Physical, right there onstage in front of hundreds of people who were agog with the spectacle of Dicky, a chunky hunky bear in a skin tight leotard doing back flips and snappy 80s dance moves all the time sporting a wig that didn't dare to disobey! Andy followed Dicky Newton John's calisthenics perfectly and displayed his portly athletic manliness to an appreciative crowd!

Avis Marie entertained us with her dramatic and quite moving interpretation of Evelyn Champagne King's Love Come Down, the girl knows how to wield those fans. And then Deana Dawn and Diva D did their own thing to Donna Summer's Bad Girls, one of the many Donna Summer songs that Robbie played that night.

We all trecked home at the end of the night, our feet and knees tingling from the workout and the gorgeous music still ringing in our ears. Now we can reflect on a night that will live on in our memories for many a year and it's time to start planning a night of


coming on October 7th with...

Remember The Party - We Are Family!

check here for all the details coming soon.

Big big thanks to all came to FlashDance SF 2012 and joined in the fun, it wouldn't be a party without you!

Ahh, the politics of dancing, what a feeling!

A portion of the proceeds of all Remember The Party events benefit Under One Roof

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